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How Long Dates Last?

Dates are one of the oldest fruit types that exist for thousands of years. In the Middle East, the date palm tree is often called the Tree of Life. According to Islamic legend, God created it after Adam from the same dust.

There are many types of dates, but all of them are rich in fructose, minerals, and vitamins. Another similarity is that all species have long shelf lives.

You can use this fruit for months and some even a year or two after the best before date. A more precise shelf-life determination will depend on the fruit type. All dates fall into one of three existing groups:

  • Fresh – The most common are Mazafati dates.
  • Semi-dry – Some of the best-known sorts are Piarom, Sayer, and Rabbi.
  • Dry – The most popular are Zahedi dates.

Date Shelf Life


Mazafati1 to 3 months

6 months


6 months12 months
Sayer6 months

12 months


12 months18 months
Zahedi18 months

24 months

You can keep any of these date types in a pantry for several months after the label date pass. Plus, storing them in the fridge will increase their lasting even more.